3/9/2016, WKBT-TV La Crosse (video)


Wisconsin roads are among the worst in the nation.

The American Society of Civil Engineers says 71 percent of the state’s roads are in either poor or mediocre condition.

Only three states ranked worse than Wisconsin in the study.

Transportation experts say that’s because funding for road projects has lagged behind need due to the state not raising gas taxes or driver registration fees recently.

You’ve got about a decade plus of money being stagnant or going down and at the same time we have to rebuild a 50 year old interstate system so somethings got to give so what’s gotta give is the local roads and the interstate system really. [Craig Thompson, executive director of the Transportation Development Association]

The DOT doesn’t agree with the study’s findings. The agency says it is looking into the study to make sure it’s accurate. That investigation should be done in the next few days.