In 1971, a small group of Wisconsin transportation leaders founded TDA to advance the development of an efficient, effective, and safe transportation system. Their efforts drew the increasingly strong support of businesses, individuals, communities, and organizations involved in every transportation mode. TDA grew in size, respect, and influence.

Today, TDA is a prime Wisconsin resource for a clear analysis of transportation finance and policy and is a crucial participant in Wisconsin’s transportation planning process. TDA serves more than 400 members and stakeholders and is recognized for nonpartisan expertise, advocacy, and leadership on transportation issues.

TDA Presidents

The strength and diversity of TDA’s membership are represented in the men and women who have served as TDA presidents throughout the years. From city managers to business executives to civic group leaders, the TDA presidents listed here have helped build TDA into an influential and respected voice for transportation in Wisconsin.

Jason Culotta, President of the Midwest Food Products Association, is the current TDA president.

2022 Tracy Johnson, President & CEO, Commercial Association of REALTORS Wisconsin
2021 Chris Klein, President & CEO, American Council of Engineering Companies of Wisconsin
2020 Mark O’Connell, Executive Director, Wisconsin Counties Association
2019 Summer Strand, Director of Government Affairs, Walbec Group
2018 Allison Bussler, Public Works Director, Waukesha County
2017 Tom Bressner, Executive Director, Wisconsin Agri-Business Association
2016 Dave Brose, Senior Vice President, EMCS, Inc.
2015 Jerry Derr, Chairman, Town of Bristol
2014 Barb LaMue, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
2013 John Schmitt, President/Business Manager, Wisconsin Laborers’ District Council
2012 Steve Higgins, Vice President, Payne & Dolan, Inc.
2011 Paul Halverson, Commissioner, Douglas County Highway Department
2010 Dean Haen, Port Manager of Green Bay, Wisconsin Commercial Ports Association
2009 Richard Jones, Commissioner of Public Works, City of Racine
2008 Phil Ramlet, President & CEO, OMNNI Associates
2007 Sheldon Johnson, Deputy Director, North West Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
2006 Kristine Scott, Vice President of Organizational Development, Hoffman Construction Company
2005 Scott Sharp, Treasurer, Wisconsin Council 40, AFSCME
2004 Lee Crook, Director of Wisconsin Transportation Services, Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc.
2003 Ernie Stetenfeld, Vice President of Corporate Relations, AAA Wisconsin
2002 Doug Pearson, Executive Director, CHAMCO/Oshkosh Industrial Development Corp.
2001 Ken Graham, President, HNTB Corporation
2000 David Mumma, Transit Director, City of Janesville
1999 Donald Hoeft, Airport Director, Austin Straubel International Airport
1998 Mary Ellen O’Brien, President, Transportation Environmental Management
1997 William Welch, President, Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce
1996 William Kennedy, President Rock Road Co. Inc.
1995 Michael Korby, Marketing Director, Cooper Engineering
1994 Kenneth Theine, Executive Director, East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
1993 Kenneth Warren, Deputy Director, Milwaukee County Transit System
1992 Mark Artensen, Administrator, Village of Plover
1991 Michael Marsden, Director, Outagamie County Department of Public Works
1990 James Malloy, Executive Vice President & CEO, Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co.
1989 Harvey Hammond, Partner, HNTB Corporation
1988 Michael Soley, Sr., President, Miller-Bradford & Risberg Inc.
1987 Donald Walker, Program Director, U.W. Madison
1986 W.A. Schullenberg, President, Ayres & Associates
1985 Thomas Pilgrim, President, Bublitz Inc.
1984 Robert Henken, Commissioner, Dodge County Highway Department
1983 Ronald Fiedler, Marketing Vice President, Donohue & Associates
1982 Donald Stone, Executive Director, Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce
1981 Earl Skagen, Commissioner, Racine County Highway Commission
1979-1980 John Keyes, Editor/Publisher, Western Builder Publishing Company
1978 Dale Dresel, President, Dresel Construction Co.
1977 Bruce Wencel, President, Nagle-Hart Inc.
1971-1976 Charles Aring, Jr., President, Ahlgrim Explosives Corp.

TDA Transportation Service Award

TDA’s highest honor, the Transportation Service Award, is presented annually to members or public officials who have significantly advanced the cause of a safe, modern, interconnected transportation system in Wisconsin. TDA is proud to recognize the distinguished leadership and significant contributions made by the honorees listed here.

2023 Dan Fedderly, DJ Fedderly Management Conultant LLC
2022 Senator Jerry Petrowski
2021 Pat Goss, Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association
2020 The Essential Transportation Worker
2018 League of Wisconsin Municipalities
  Wisconsin Counties Association
  Wisconsin County Highway Association
  Wisconsin Towns Association
2017 Speaker Robin Vos
  Mark Gottlieb, Former Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary
2016 Chet Caine, Dodge County Highway Commission
2014 Mary Ellen O’Brien, Transportation Environmental Management, Inc.
2013 William Kennedy, Rock Road Companies, Inc.
2012 Senator Herb Kohl
2011 Richard Stadelman, Wisconsin Towns Association
2010 Congressman David Obey
2009 David Mumma, City of Janesville Transit
2008 Phil Evenson, Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
2007 Ken Warren, Milwaukee County Transit System
2006 Lee Crook, Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc.
2005 Wisconsin Senator Roger Breske
  Wisconsin Representative Jeff Stone
2004 Tom Boguszewski, Rock County Highway Department
  Tom Kujawa, Milwaukee County Transit System
2003 Jean Jacobson, Former Racine County Executive
2002 Terrance Mulcahy, Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary (retired)
  Phil Scherer, TDA Executive Director (at retirement)
2001 Donald Hoeft, Austin Straubel International Airport
  Ernest Stetenfeld, AAA Wisconsin
2000 Wisconsin Representative David Brandemuehl
  Charles Thompson, Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary
1999 Emmer Shields, Ashland County Highway Department
  Henry Ellison, Wisconsin Earth Movers Association
1998 Mike Marsden, Outagamie County Department of Public Works
  John Keyes, Western Builder Magazine
  Congressman Thomas Petri
1997 Kurt Bauer, Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
1996 Wisconsin Senator Joe Andrea
  Harry Lindberg, Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association
1995 James Rooney, Racine County Department of Public Works
  Edward Burkhardt, Wisconsin Central Ltd. Railroad
1994 Marilyn Hardacre, Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  Don Stone, Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce & Industry
1993 Don Walker, UW Transportation Information Center
1992 Governor Thompson
  Wisconsin’s Congressional Delegation
1991 Ron Fiedler, Wisconsin Department of Transportation
1990 James Peterson, James Peterson & Sons
1989 Ed Strese, Burnett County Highway Department
  William Redmond, Wisconsin Association of Manufacturing & Commerce
1988 George Bechtel, Bechtel & Associates
1987 Robert Paddock, Federal Highway Administration
  Tom Walker, Wisconsin Department of Transportation