Walker’s DOT budget proposal could delay Zoo Interchange project

2023-01-10T09:42:00-06:00September 14, 2016|

9/14/2016, WISN ABC Milwaukee (video) – The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the state Department of Transportation has developed a budget proposal that would cut $447.4 million from state highway programs but provide nearly $70 million more for maintenance and $65 million more for local governments.

The budget also would authorize $500 million in new borrowing but result in significant delays for some major projects, including Milwaukee’s Zoo Interchange and reconstructing Interstate 94 south of Milwaukee.

“When it finally gets to the point where it looks like we’re making progress and headway, you’ll delay it two years. Doesn’t make sense to me,” Wisconsin driver Kurt Schroeder said.

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau has estimated that just to pay for road projects already approved the state would need $939 million more. Walker has refused to raise taxes or fees to cover the shortfall.

Walker will spend Thursday traveling around Wisconsin, but not Milwaukee, detailing the DOT budget proposal.

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