9/20/2016, WAEO/WJFW TV Rhinelander – On Tuesday, Oneida County became the 50th of Wisconsin’s 72 counties asking the state to “Just Fix It.”

The “Just Fix It” campaign is a push from the state’s Transportation Development Association. It’s asking the state government to raise more money to repair and maintain roads.

“This resolution is saying how the state wants to do that is up to them,” Oneida County Board Supervisor Robb Jensen said. “But do something. Don’t keep doing the same old, same old, because we’re going to continue to fall farther and farther behind.”

Options for raising more money include increasing the gas tax, raising registration fees, or putting tolls on some roads in Wisconsin.

But that effort could stop short on Gov. Scott Walker’s desk.

“The one area where I draw the line is, I made a firm pledge to the voters that I would not raise the gas tax and fees associated with transportation,” he said last week in Plover. “I respect those who disagree with me, but that’s a pledge I made.”

In addition to 50 counties, more than 350 cities, towns, and villages have signed on to the “Just Fix It” movement in Wisconsin.