6/10/18 – Kenosha News editorial

There are many items which are rightfully placed in the “win” column for Gov.Scott Walker. Economic development, check. Lower tax burden on individuals and businesses, check. Low unemployment, check. Educational opportunities and workforce development, check.

So why, then, would a successful governor with all the positives, up for re-election, blow it by not announcing a plan to address and pay for the horrible roads we have in Wisconsin?

While there are three planned projects in Kenosha County during 2018, there are no active projects listed on the 511 Wisconsin Construction Projects.

The final report of a regional freeway system reconstruction plan was completed in 2003, a variety of funding options have been offered up and discussed, but here we sit.

Does Walker not understand that we are discussing roads at the dinner table? Does he not see vehicles bouncing down the road? Does he not see motorcycles swerving to avoid one obstacle after the next?

We think he will lose this election if he doesn’t present a comprehensive plan that fixes our roads, along with a plan to pay for it. We think he must be getting bad advice if he is being told the at-a-boys outweigh the road problems.

We need good roads to move the goods we are manufacturing. We need good roads to impress our many tourists who spend time and money in our state. And, most importantly, we need great roads to serve the taxpayers who expect safe and adequate travel.

We continue to borrow and wait on federal grants as the situation gets worse. We need leadership and that starts in the governor’s office. Pick a funding source, lay the plan out and present it to the state of Wisconsin with the same excitement as the $100 per family tax credit announced months ago.

We know new roads will cost big money. We know the funds will come in the form of gas tax, tolls or some other tax. We get it, but what we are not understanding and don’t appreciate is the inactivity on this critical issue.

Governor, present a plan to fix our roads now, or someone else probably will put the plan together when you lose the election.