9/23/18 – Kenosha News

A new study released last week confirmed what we already know: Wisconsin drivers pay more for car repairs and maintenance because of the condition of our roads.

It put the annual figure for auto repairs at $747 per motorist.

The study by TRIP, a non-profit transportation research group based in Washington, D.C., found that “due to inadequate state and local funding, half of major locally and state-mandated roads and highways in Wisconsin are in poor or mediocre condition.”

It’s often lost, however, in the negative ads. It’s not lost on people who know.

In a statement, Wisconsin County Highway Association Executive Director Dan Fedderly placed the blame where it belongs.

“Until state elected officials are able to agree on long-term, sustainable transportation funding, Wisconsin will be unable to meet mounting needs on our local roads and state highways,: he said. “The current funding system causes us to be reactive, responding from one crisis to the next.”

Locally, we’ll watch for developments in Madison as we navigate the roads, which present daily challenges.

Given the present reality, we’ve launched a reporting project to determine the worst roads in Kenosha and find out what their condition is costing you.

We envision a series of stories down the road outlining the problems we all face.

Let us know the worst by sending photos and telling us how the bad roads affect you. Maybe you needed expensive car repairs, or maybe you’re a delivery driver who knows all of the trouble spots.

Share with us so we can share with readers. Email your stories and photos to projects editor Dave Walter at dwalter@kenoshanews.com