January 26, 2017

Craig Thompson, Executive Director, 608-256-7044

Transportation Development Association Executive Director Craig Thompson released the following statement on the audit of the state highway program:

“This audit confirms that Wisconsin’s highway conditions have deteriorated appreciably in the last decade.  In fact, according to the audit, Wisconsin’s highway conditions are now significantly worse than any of our neighbors in the Midwest and the national average.

“The audit highlights an issue with how the DOT estimates the cost of major highway projects.  This appears to be an area where improvements can be made so that the governor, legislature and public have a clearer picture of the total cost of these projects which take years to complete.

“The audit did find some potential savings, but even if fully realized, these savings would not come close to solving Wisconsin’s billion dollar funding shortfall.  With that being said, all of the ideas for savings should be investigated and pursued vigorously.

“The Wisconsin Department of Transportation should use this audit to improve on some of its processes and procedures.  But in the meantime, it’s up to the governor and legislature to keep Wisconsin’s crumbling interstates, highways and local roads from going from bad to worse.”