6/15/2016, WISN Milwaukee (video, minute 5) – The state sports some of the worst roads in the country, whether it’s funding local governments to fix their own streets or paying for major state highway project.

State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said the state has to find a new funding source. He said there are several options.

“I’m for tolling. I’m open to the gas tax. I’m open to a registration fee increase,” Vos said. “I’m certainly open to changes to help cut the cost of road construction. All of those should be on the table.”

Vos’ call for increased transportation funding splits from the Department of Transportation and Gov. Scott Walker’s position on the issue.

They believe there should be no increase on the gas tax or any new fees to pay for roads.

“We’ll try to figure out ways that we can be efficient and effective,” Walker said.

However, the Wisconsin Towns Association, the Wisconsin Counties Association and the Wisconsin League of Municipalities have written, urging lawmakers in Madison to raise new road revenue.

One Wisconsin resident knows what she would recommend.

“A lot of places have toll roads,” said Debbie Dickman of Wauwatosa. “They have a whole (lot) nicer roads than we have. And I honestly think they should have them.”

Dickman’s perspective is one of a Wisconsin driver who looks out her front window on the state’s biggest road project – the Zoo Interchange.

The debate over funding for everything from big projects to small street repairs is likely to continue throughout the budget process next spring.